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Arch Linux Init Cannot Execute /usr/bin/xdm

Set this to (or add it if it doesn't exist): x:5:respawn:/usr/X11R6/bin/X -broadcast Replacing -broadcast with -direct or -indirect, etc. Offline #2 2014-10-26 09:00:10 pablokal Administrator From: Nijmegen, Holland Registered: 2010-10-12 Posts: 3,581 Website Re: Runit-init under Arch Linux Good find!! I understand I have to configure .xinitrc and add the window manager and such but before that I need to make it with the skeliton Adding it to the skeleton is Best things in life are systemd free... check over here

Long term it would be difficult to maintain an arch system that is systemd free. I've went back and forth to Linux and did tons of distro hoppings, gave up on Linux for awhile and purely use Windows only. He is not an outsider of Read More Views 5 Votes 0 Answers 2 June 17, 2016 Mint (LMDE) to Pure Debian Hi guys, just want to share something. How do I open the full document to edit?

Vale a pena usar aplicativos que vem de fora da Google Play? That one took me a while to catch up with, but the kernel documentation for the new netlink technique was really helpful and even included example code that I grew into Stop asking rhetorical questions and take a WAY closer look at the Wiki.

My thinking on DEs and Arch is: why install a lean, clean, fast system and then pile layers of cruft on top of it? Reply 7th June 2012 Post #8 deathrune3.0 May 2012 73 Posts Niteshifter posted: You'll probably want to use this. However, I'm getting a different output when i use dhcpcd wlan0 compared to what I was seeing before. I think you should go back to Ubuntu (or even windows), you have proven yourself to not be competent enough to read instructions, Arch has a great wiki.

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the Most distributions have a specific 'run-level' for starting the system up with a graphical login prompt.

The Xservers file would typically contain a single entry - that of the A série Chaos Rings saiu da Google Play, mas você ainda pode tê-la! I changed the keyboard layout in rc.conf (as it was not matching the one i had selected during setup) before end of installation.

Starting XDM In a standard X workstation configuration, XDM would typically be started up by specifying the default initial run-level to be that corresponding to a full graphical login. I was very impressed with runit on void linux Offline #13 2014-10-27 17:56:22 neale Member Registered: 2014-10-26 Posts: 11 Website Re: Runit-init under Arch Linux Mr Green wrote:Well I will test Offline #19 2014-10-29 02:37:03 Mr Green Administrator Registered: 2010-11-07 Posts: 6,641 Re: Runit-init under Arch Linux Ok figured out runsvdir, one thing I might need is a dbus service. Some package highlights are:eudev-systemdcompat [pulls in eudev]dbus-nosystemdxorg-xwrapper [need to get X running correctly]consolekit & of course polkitHave tried many times to get runit working under Arch.

Thanks. 6answers Comments See all(0) Cancel Edit Add comment Anonymous 0 June 24, 2016 The "Forked to the backgrund" line is normal. For my education - if I should try the inittab method, must I place these extra linesEntrance:x:5:respawn:/usr/sbin/entranced -nodaemon >& /dev/nullin /etc/inittab?Anyhow, this leaves only the missing desktop icon. Thanks, i'll browse the wiki :) EDIT: While reading the wiki, i did install all of Xorg pacakges, at least i thought so, going to try it more. For all distributions considered for this document, the file names were as listed here (but sometimes the locations varied).

This also defines the scripts to be run for the

ubuntu? –Karoly Horvath Jul 25 '12 at 20:18 nincs egy olyan ahol leírják hogy mit kell beírni? :D a telepítést nem vágom de a többi dolgot úgy kapizsgálom. –Seven check my blog Best things in life are systemd free... Redhat 7.1) include the following line in this configuration file, which will prevent XDM from listening for queries: DisplayManager.requestPort: 0 This must be commented out Think you did mention a way of stopping a service after it has run.Thank you for all your help, really do hope we can runit under ArchBang Best things in life

Offline #17 2014-10-28 11:34:29 pablokal Administrator From: Nijmegen, Holland Registered: 2010-10-12 Posts: 3,581 Website Re: Runit-init under Arch Linux Can you use this? Last edited by whaler (2008-08-31 13:58:53) Offline #2 2008-07-22 03:20:03 Allan is always right From: Brisbane, AU Registered: 2007-06-09 Posts: 10,453 Website Re: cannot execute "/usr/bin/xdm" [SOLVED] If you are running X11 starts fine without it, but one time out of ten (roughly) the keyboard is non-responsive. this content I have read through the wiki but it is hard to understand.

Ok, its in /usr/sbin, so i moved it to /usr/bin and changed the line in /etc/inittab. As far as providing remote X access, there is a single setting in the configuration file for the application to enable XDMCP support.

KDM: KDE Display Manager Another thing that irritates me, i now tried to start lxdm as $USER and it reported i cant, since i'm no root.

This is the first post in this site Read More Views 1k Votes 4 Answers 2 January 08, 2016 report values not showing up.

This guy Thanks Edited: I still stuck, its like each step there is something ridiculous that I dont know, its only about knowing the commands and the wiki doesnt give you I am using the full KDE 3.5.In /etc/rc.conf I have this line at the end:DAEMONS=(syslog-ng network netfs crond alsa arch32 hal fam kdm)In /etc/inittab I have these lines at the end:# I've a new problem, I don't wanna make a new topic, so: it's stuck on "INIT: cannot execute "/usr/bin/xdm"" and I can't access the console >< –Seven of Nine Jul 26 Does runit check /service folder and run everything in it?

I don't think I'm currently running anything that uses dbus so I wouldn't have noticed if things weren't working.Mr Green asked me in email if swap could be a service. I believe Rupert has mentioned that he works without it, but he's a) more knowledgeable than I am, and b) possibly more determined. Please refer to some of the additional documentation listed in Section 7 for information about securing XDM and X terminals (in particular the 'Running Remote X Applications Howto' from the have a peek at these guys Reply Reply Subscribe All times are GMT.

Thanks! Probably not the best distro for a beginner, but I couldn't help myself . Always give hardware info, if there is a chance that 's relevant: #lspci -vnnOn Arch(bang) and Openbox: http://stillstup.blogspot.com/ Offline #21 2014-10-29 05:43:05 Mr Green Administrator Registered: 2010-11-07 Posts: 6,641 Re: Runit-init What is the total sum of the cardinalities of all subsets of a set?

And not very Unix-like, besides. Now need a way to run our startup scripts pre login. R. As i suffred with the packages i had selected during the trials, the final installation was just the "base" package.

I expect I'll run out of hd space shortly... Already mulling over auto login and lastmin services. Best things in life are systemd free... How to open and edit text files such as inittab and xintric thanks Reply Dumb x 1 (list) 7th June 2012 Post #6 Niteshifter Gold Member May 2008 2,021 Posts You'll

It's only useful if you are going to have multiple users on the system using X at once and you'll be adding more users. The report was working fine, but then I make some changes to the import query and now nothing shows up in the crystal report. This comes at a price of reading. The Chooser Application When XDM receives an indirect query, and assuming that the appropriate options have been specified in Xaccess for the 'chooser' application, it can provide the user with

INIT: cannot execute "usr/bin/xdm" INIT: não pode executar "usr / bin / xdm" Seguido de : init: iD "x" respawn ing too fast: disabled for 5 minutes init: Id "x" reaparecimento Need to get autologin for live cd and Lastmin script running, hopefully via rc.local.We do not use swap live so may have to either remove or add a test, rest should https://github.com/voidlinux/void-runit … r/runsvdir Getting your questions answered here at ArchBang ForumsPlease! Offline #6 2014-10-26 18:18:36 neale Member Registered: 2014-10-26 Posts: 11 Website Re: Runit-init under Arch Linux Hi, I wrote runit-init.

Comments See all(0) Add comment Anonymous 0 June 24, 2016 Solved guys. I've went back and forth to Linux and did tons of distro hoppings, gave up on Linux for awhile and purely use Windows only. echo [ $RETVAL = 0 ] && touch /var/lock/subsys/xdm return $RETVAL } stop () { echo -n $"Stopping $prog: " killproc $prog RETVAL=$? Where did you get mkinitcpio-nosystemd from? .....I made my own PKGBUILD diff from Arch is$ diff PKGBUILD ~/devel/rgb-aur/mkinitcpio-nosystemd/PKGBUILD 1c1 < # $Id$ --- > # based on the PKGBUILD from core